Born and brought up in Pune city, Swapnil Jedhe is an Art Director in an Advertising Agency by profession. When not at work, he focuses his creativity on exploring the hidden art in our mundane lives through photography, and seeks to capture those magical unseen moments from ordinary, everyday scenes. He has a distinctive sense of composition, and most of his images have simple and clean graphical forms. 

His work has been exhibited in India, Cambodia, Thailand, Russia, UK and the USA. In addition to winning prestigious awards, both nationally and internationally, his work has been a part of reputed publications.



Dec 2017 Featured in David Gibson's book '100 Great Street photographs'

Dec 2016 Finalist in San Francisco Street photography Festival

Dec 2015 Won The MSPF Awards at Miami Street photography Festival

Nov 2015 Exhibited in a curated group show at the Egor Gaidar Award ceremony, Moscow

Jan 2015 Exhibited in hometown, Pune.

May 2014 Won ArtPhotoFeature's 'decisive Moment street photography inspiration award'

Mar 2014 Projection of That's life's work at Glasglow Visual Arts Festival, 2014Frames

Jan 2014 That's life's joint exhibition, Thalam, Bangaluru, India 

Dec 2013 Featured in a list of 'The grand and prestigious photographers, 2013' by 121clicks.com

Oct 2013 Won the IPA(Indian Photographers Association) -Street Photography Contest

Jul 2013 'Vastushodh Calendar 2013' got special mention at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2013

Jan 2013 Published a 'Vastushodh calendar 2013'. Conceptualised by Setu Advertising. 

Jan 2012 Found interest in street photography

2008 Started working in advertising industry as designer

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