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    Brazing process of vacuum brazing furnace

    The process of vacuum brazing includes preparation, assembly, filling of solder, and application of flow inhibitor (if necessary) before brazing the parts. Brazing, vacuum brazing furnace discharge inspection. According to the structural condition of the components, the filling of solder can also be carried out before assembly....

    What is the impact and correlation of vacuum degree of vacuum brazing furnace

    In order to ensure sufficient brazing permeability, reasonable alloying reaction, avoid the occurrence of brazing defects in vacuum brazing furnace, and obtain good brazing joints, it is necessary to choose brazing parameters reasonably. The process parameters of vacuum brazing furnace vacuum brazing include vacuum degree, heating speed of vacuum brazing furnace, stable temperature and time, brazing temperature of vacuum brazing furnace, brazing time, cooling method, and outlet temperature of vacuum brazing furnace....

    What are the components of a vertical vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace

    The vertical vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace includes the furnace body, furnace cover, insulation barrel, reflection barrel, heating body, upper pressure head, lower pressure head, upper oil cylinder, lower oil cylinder, and vacuum pumping part. The support mechanism of the vertical vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace with upper and lower oil cylinders is a double column structure made of hot-rolled channel steel. The upper and lower oil cylinders are respectively installed at the upper end of the support body and the middle part of the base....

    The basic principle of vacuum brazing furnace vacuum brazing

    The oxide film on the metal surface during vacuum brazing furnace brazing affects the wettability of the liquid filler metal to the base metal. During the vacuum brazing furnace brazing process, if the oxide film on the surface of the base metal cannot be effectively removed, it is difficult to form high-quality brazing joints. Different brazing methods adopt different measures for removing oxide film and preventing oxidation....
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