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    Yancheng Suwen Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Mobile phone:13951488215
    Zip code:224022
    Address:No. 16 Fumin Road, Yifeng Industrial Park, Dazhenghu Town, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

    Company News

    The basic principle of vacuum brazing furnace vacuum brazing

    The oxide film on the metal surface during vacuum brazing furnace brazing affects the wettability of the liquid filler metal to the base metal. During the vacuum brazing furnace brazing process, if the oxide film on the surface of the base metal cannot be effectively removed, it is difficult to form high-quality brazing joints. Different brazing methods adopt different measures for removing oxide film and preventing oxidation....

    The Different Characteristics of Vacuum Brazing and Fusion Welding in Brazing

    The significant difference between vacuum brazing furnace brazing and fusion welding methods is that during vacuum brazing furnace brazing, the work is often heated as a whole (such as brazing in the furnace) or uniformly heated around the brazing seam in a large area. Therefore, the relative deformation of the workpiece and the residual stress of the joint are much smaller than fusion welding, making it easier to ensure the precise size of the workpiece. And the selection range of brazing materials is relatively wide. In order to prevent changes in the parent structure and properties, brazing materials with relatively low liquidus temperature can be selected for vacuum brazing....

    Understanding the maintenance and precautions of vacuum pumps in vacuum sintering furnaces

    Cleaning of the vacuum pump in the vacuum sintering furnace: As the operation of the vacuum pump in the vacuum sintering furnace deteriorates, it is necessary to check the degree of turbidity and viscosity through the oil window, and replace the pump oil in the vacuum sintering furnace in a timely manner. The cycle for replacing the pump oil in the vacuum sintering furnace: change the oil and clean it every six months....
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