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    Fully automatic cleaning machine

    Immersion type ultrasonic part

    Author:YanCheng SuWen Machinery Co.,Ltd. Click:184  Release date:2019-02-13

     Immersion type ultrasonic parts cleaning and drying line



    It is mainly used for degreasing, cleaning and drying process of automobile water tank, intercooler, oil cooler and other parts.


    Basic composition:

    It is composed of frame, roof, ultrasonic degreasing tank, spray rinsing tank 1, ultrasonic rinsing tank, spray rinsing tank 2, circulating auxiliary tank and filtering system, oil-water separation system, high-pressure blower water system, drying furnace, air cooling system, transmission system, work basket, electrical control system, etc.


    Structural characteristics of equipment:

    ■Continuous operation mode with high cleaning capacity。

    ■High cleanliness with the combination of ultrasonic and spraying cleaning method。

    ■Cleaning section fully enclosed structure, beautiful appearance。

    Imported temperature control instrument, PID regulation, good reliability, accurate temperature control; constant temperature control

          (According to different requirements of customers, PLC programmable control and touch screen operation interface can be adopted.

    ■The ultrasonic tank has oil slick sweeping power。

    ■Flange type all stainless steel heater with long service life。

    ■Adjustable running speed of mesh belt。

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